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Through Floor Lift for home and commercial properties

Through Floor Platform Lifts from thyssenrkupp Encasa
We can supply you with top-quality Through Floor platform lifts for the home and workplace alike.

Through-Floor Platform Lift

If you are unable to fit a stairlift in your property, a through floor platform lift could be the answer. You’ll find a great selection here at thyssenkrupp Encasa.

The equipment can take up to 3 days to install and is designed to carry one person plus a wheelchair to a maximum of 3.5 metres floor to floor height.

When not in use, only the slim tracks on the wall will be visible. There is plenty of variety available, with six different models to choose from.

When it comes to using the equipment, an internal ramp with gentle incline enables easy entry and exit, while the option of either right or left-hand door openings gives greater flexibility for installation. Illuminated in-car controls can also be fitted on the left or right hand-side and optional remote controls enable full lift operation from the wheelchair.

For added safety, an in-car telephone socket has been fitted to all of our through floor platform lifts and manual lowering is available in the event of a power failure.

Make an enquiry about our through floor platform lifts online today or get in touch to discuss the products in further detail

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