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Classic Series Homelifts, by thyssenkrupp

HE1 and HE2 home elevator from thyssenrkupp Encasa
The HE1 and HE2 home elevators are two of world's smallest and versatile lifts

HE1 & HE2 Home Elevator

The HE1 is one of the world’s smallest home lifts. It has been designed to meet all the requirements of comfort, space and design.

The HE2 is one of our most versatile home lifts with various options for own personalisation and design.

Once you have chosen the type of lift, the different car layouts will allow you to make your system unique. You can choose between a full or half heigh wall (top floor only), either allowing a mirror, footbox on HE1 for extra space, or a fold-down seat on HE2.

Compact and Discreet

HE1 & HE2 are two of world's smallested and most versatile lifts
HE1 & HE2 are two of world's smallested and most versatile lifts

The many configurations available simplify the inclusion of the HE1 and HE2 home elevator in any home, respecting its style and facilities. Versatile and compact, it can also be installed in extremely restricted spaces. Free your space with the HE1 and HE2 home elevator.

Compact and functional, the HE1 and HE2 home elevators are designed to be inserted in any environment because each elevator is custom designed and built.

Tailored to you

Flow2 comes in a range of colours
Choose from a range of fabric, vinyl and leather upholstery

Our home elevators are designed to fit into any environment and suit any project. They are tailored to meet your selected needs and tastes. You have the choice of a variety of functional features and interior/exterior design options. Platform sizes, glass modules, a range of colours, stainless steel details and spotlights are just some of the many alternatives to choose from. Installation requires just a few days in most cases (depending on building requirements and specification).

Inspired by design, comfort and simplicity, the HE1 and HE2 offer a range of extraordinary possibilities. We combine creativity, technical know-how and professional commitment for an exceptional construction and lifelong durability. All of our platform lifts comply with European standards and regulations.


Safety features for HE1 & HE2
Each elevator is equipped with an alarm button in the event of a emergency

An evolved anti power failure system allows the HE1 and HE2 to be automatically lowered via battery in the event of a powercut. Each elevator is equipped with an alarm button in the event of a emergency. The advanced control panel houses the destination buttons, the landing indicator which displays the current floor and a key switch to prevent unauthorised usage. HE1 and HE2 have a capacity of up to 500kg and its correct operation is always assured by the load control device that disables operation of the system when the load exceeds the permitted weight.

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